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Services in the work area

Efficiency in contracting and payroll management

  • Continuous advice on labor regulations.
  • Study and advice on the type of contract to be carried out, determining the costs of hiring, observing the possibility of applying existing bonuses in labor regulations.
  • Advice on the formalization of contractual novations.
  • Preparation of the work calendar.
  • Advice and formalization of documentation in cases of travel abroad.
  • Personnel administration: preparation of payroll, payment to social security, payment of taxes.
  • Implementation of remuneration policies.
  • Exploitation of salary, personnel and absenteeism data for business intelligence and reporting.

Modernization in internal communication with the worker portal

  • Employee portal with 24/365 access via web and mobile app.
  • Vacation management and permits.
  • Automatic publication of payroll and documents of each worker.
  • Automation of the expense note and integration with the payroll.
  • Publication of internal communications and bulletin board.
  • Update of personal data and CV.
  • Consultation of the personal work calendar.
  • Access to the training catalog and possibility of requesting registration for the training activity.

Control panel
The client is provided with a report on the global vision of the current situation and in comparison with previous exercises through graphs in which all these data can be reflected:




  • Evolution of costs.
  • Annual cost comparison.
  • Distribution of costs by imputation centers.
  • Distribution of costs by category.




Template and Template end of month:


  • Evolution of the template.
  • Annual workforce comparison.
  • Age pyramid.
  • Distribution of the template by category.




  • Evolution of the rotation.
  • Annual comparison of the rotation index.
  • Ratio of highs and lows.
  • Distribution of casualties by categories.





  • Evolution of the absenteeism rate.
  • Comparison of the absenteeism rate.
  • Type of absenteeism.
  • Absenteeism distribution by category.




  • Employee data
  • Annual comparison of costs and absenteeism rate.
  • Work history.
  • Absenteeism detail.

Services in the legal area

  • Study and advice on substantial modifications of working conditions.
  • Drafting of senior management contracts.
  • Drafting of writings of warnings to workers according to sanctioning system.
  • Advice on work carried out in subcontracts of works and services.
  • Advice and drafting in the different situations of suspension of the work contract.
  • Processing of employment regulation files.
  • Advice and support in situations of termination of the employment contract, dismissal of the worker.
  • Attendance at the act of conciliation prior to the judicial process.
  • Defense and legal assistance in the Social Jurisdiction and Labor Inspection.
  • Labor Audits
  • Advice and assistance in collective bargaining, company restructuring and collective bargaining agreements.

Services in the economic fiscal area

  • Closing exercise of the companies.
  • Business accounting.
  • Statements of companies, professionals and individuals.
  • International tax planning.
  • Estate tax planning.
  • Transfer prices.
  • Income and equity statements.
  • Support in tax procedures, tax inspections.
  • Business management.
  • Company valuation.
  • Investment valuation.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Acquisition of companies.
  • Mergers, splits.
  • Industrial planning and organization.
  • Planning and processing inheritances.
  • Family protocols.

Servicios en el area mercantil

  • Constitution of societies.
  • Commercial contracts.
  • Sale of companies.
  • Registration of trademarks and trade names.

Services in the area of social security

  • Processing and management of the following social security benefits:
  • Study and calculation of the retirement pension.
  • Direct payment of temporary disability.
  • Risk during pregnancy.
  • Risk during breastfeeding.
  • Care for children affected by cancer or another serious illness.
  • Permanent disability.
  • Permanent injuries not invalidating.
  • Death aid.
  • Widow’s pension.
  • Orphan’s pension.
  • Pension in favor of relatives.
  • Unemployment benefits (SPEE).
  • Processing of capitalization of the unemployment benefit.
  • Allowance for cessation of activity of self-employed workers.
  • Obligatory Old Age and Disability Insurance benefits (SOVI).
  • Processing of discharge / discharge to the special regime of self-employed workers.
  • Variations in the contribution base, contingencies contracted.
  • Processing of high / low and variation of workers in the special regime of domestic employees.
  • Study and processing of special agreements with social security.