Minimum wage increase interprofessional

Today, December 27, published in the BOE the Royal Decree 1462/2018, of December 21, which sets the Minimum Interprofessional Salary for 2019 (SMI 2019). The new amounts (from January 1, 2019) represent an increase of 22.3 percent with respect to those effective between January 1 and December 31, 2018.

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  1. Upload of the SMI


The minimum wage for any activity in agriculture, in industry and in services.

  • 30 euros / day
  • 900 euros / month
  • 12,600 euros / year


  1. Casual workers and seasonal workers and employees.
  • Incidental Camagra Erectiepillen and temporary SMI: SMI day: 42.62 euros.
  • SMI employees at home: SMI time: 7.04 euros.


  1. Compensation and absorption of wages (Article 3 of the RD-Law)


  • The revision of the SMI will not affect the structure or amount of professional salaries. In this Lucovitaal Em5 Forte Erectiepillen sense, the minimum wage with the annual computation that is taken as the term of the comparison is obtained the result of the minimum sum of the supplements, the annual amount may be less than 12,600 euros.
  • These perceptions are compensable with the income that for all the concepts. The advertising documents of the year 1462/2018, published today in BOE.
  • The legal norms or practices and arbitrary awards that are in the date of enactment of RD 1462/2018 subsist in their own terms, without further modification than necessary to ensure the collection of the amounts in the annual calculation that results from the application of the rise of the SMI for 2019, and, consequently, professional income below the indicated annual total will be increased by the amount necessary to match it.


Application exceptions

The single transitory provision of the RD complies with the rules on the impact of the new minimum interprofessional salary amounts on the references contained in non-state regulations and private relations. In this sense, the RD provides that the new amounts of SMI will not be applied:

  1. To the norms in force at the date of entry into force of this royal decree of the autonomous communities, the cities of Ceuta and Melilla and the entities that make up the local administration that use the SMI as an indicator or reference of the income level to determine the amount of the functions of the autonomous cities, the cities of Ceuta and Melilla or the entities that make up the local administration.


  1. To the contracts and pacts of the private nature in force at the date of entry into force of RD 1462/2018 that use the SMI as a reference for any purpose, except for the parties related to the new amounts of the SMI.


However, despite the exceptions, point 3 of the Sole Transitional Provision establishes the following: “What I want in the previous sections is understood without prejudice to the modification of the rights established in the agreements or in the lower private nature as a whole and in the annual calculation of the amounts of the SMI that will be made by 2019 in the present royal decree in The amount necessary to ensure the perception of said amounts. 3 “.

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